Asian cuisine is considered to offer a comprehensive diet to those who prefer it, by harmoniously combining proteins with carbohydrates. Moreover, it is also healthy, since it is based on low-fat raw materials. Asian cuisine includes a variety of culinary styles and habits of people, including dishes from Japan, China and Thailand. The philosophy of Asian cuisine has been considered in China as a form of art since the Zhou Dynasty (1122-249 BC).

A delicious trip through Asian culture

Samurai Premium Asian Cuisine & Sushi Restaurant is located in the center of Thessaloniki and aims to introduce Asian cuisine to its guests. It offers authentic Eastern flavors, following the traditions of the past. The menu of the restaurant is tempting and focused on highlighting the raw materials of the dishes being served. Here, the customers can compose their own dishes by interacting with the chefs, who share their knowledge of the Asian cuisine’s secrets. Thus, under their guidance, they create specialized dishes that not only are based on the individual preferences of each customer, but at the same time satisfy even the most demanding palates. Our dishes are based on the philosophy of Kaiseki cuisine, which emphasizes the seasonality of raw materials. Its basic principles for making dishes are:
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